Freeze the Moments

Winter is upon us, and to explore this chilly season with our little Bees, in addition to the educational programs based off the children’s needs and interests across all environments and play spaces, Educators are providing additional educational enjoyment and fun over the Winter school holidays

Bee Active

The chilly season provides endless opportunities to explore nature, moving our bodies to keep warm and creating warm nourishing meals to fuel our bodies.

Children learn, practice and master physical skills whilst developing their resilience, perseverance, patience, coordination, gross-motor skills, teamwork and much more, all while having loads of fun!

Aligning with our philosophy of a holistic approach to health and well-being, #BeeActive sits alongside these key aspects, providing our precious little Bees with every opportunity to thrive.

Thriving minds, active bodies, healthy hearts.

As an introduction to our #BeeActive program, here’s an example week of physical activities…

Moo've it Monday

Practising yoga will have your little ones stretching and
strengthening their spine.

Tune in Tuesday

Sing and explore
different beats and rhythms to get body and mind in sync.

Wobbly Wednesday

Wobble and sway as children
test out their coordination skills.

Thoughtful Thursday

Children express themselves through art.

Freeze it Friday

Fun “freeze” games and activities help children experience the magic of winter in a fun and engaging way.

If you would like to book your child in for additional days over the winter holidays, please visit the ChildcareNow app (Available from App Store or Google Play)

Bee Healthy

Let’s #BeeHealthy. Share your nutritious culinary creations and use the hashtag #BeeHealthy so we don’t miss your amazing posts.

Learn more about our Winter Program...

Find out how our winter program program provides additional resources to support and extend on our existing educational programs.