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Busy Bees at Rivergums offers specialised care for children from birth to 5 years of age, supported by 4 qualified Early Childhood Teachers and 14 Educators. The Service focuses on Reggio Emilia and Montessori practices and has an outstanding relationship with the adjacent Rivergums Primary School, keeping up to date with developments in Kindy and Pre-Primary education as part of our school readiness program.

A core focus of our curriculum is “learning through play”. All our Educators work to inspire a lifelong love of learning and guide the children on their path of exploration, investigation and discovery. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and we are proud of the strong connections we have built with our surrounding community. It’s by working with you and staying closely in touch that we ensure that our Service can be a place where every child can thrive.

Busy Bees at Rivergums encompasses an innovative approach which is based on the discovery and exploration of respectful relationships with children.  We follow this philosophy and offer children uninterrupted time for play, plenty of freedom, a calm and relaxed environment, cooperative relationships, and our full attention.

Our learning program is inspired by Montessori teachings and philosophies, and our curriculum draws upon the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) whilst maintaining an awareness of the Australian Curriculum. Children are given opportunities to test their ideas, themselves, their relationships and materials. We believe that play fosters imagination and flexibility of mind, promoting children’s ability to be open and independent learners now and in the future. We promise our dedicated learning program is jam-packed with unique and stimulating activities you won’t find anywhere else!

Quality Early Learning does more than just prepare children to become eager school students – it builds resilience, vital social skills and independence. 

At Busy Bees at Rivergums your child will benefit from:

  • Quality Early Learning for children aged 8 weeks to 5 years
  • Focus on school readiness and fostering independence
  • Montessori-inspired learning programs
  • Highly experienced and trained Educators
  • Interesting play and learning spaces that ignite children’s curiosity and sense of discovery

We would love to have you join our Busy Bees family at Rivergums.

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Service Manager

Kirsti Bradshaw

My name is Kirsti Bradshaw and I’m the Service Manager at Busy Bees at Rivergums. I have worked in Early Childhood Education for 30 years, starting my career as a volunteer during school holidays in my teenage years. I hold a Degree in Child Psychology, a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, a Diploma in Business and a Diploma in HR. I am in awe of the innocence of children and their fascination with life, and the excitement they feel over the smallest things. I think children are great teachers and that as adults, we can learn a lot about celebrating the small achievements and taking time out to look at life through the eyes of children.

I believe that the early childhood years are crucial to the development of a child and to their understanding, attitudes and concepts about themselves, other people and their environment. Current research has shown that the quality of a young child’s interactions with adults, peers and their environment in the early years of development is vital to the child’s long-term outcomes in all developmental areas.

At Rivergums, we provide a warm and nurturing environment for all our children and their Families. We understand that every Family is unique, and at all times we strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance and open communication. I support the Australian Early Childhood Association Code of Ethics and will always strive to implement best current practices in pursuit of excellence in the early childhood profession.


Learning Spaces

Explorers and Discoverers (6 weeks - 2 years)

Nurturing responsive relationships are our primary focus for our nursery children.

Investigators and Adventurers (2-3 years)

Your toddler will be encouraged to explore to build resilience, vital social skills and independence in our purpose built environments.

Collaborators and Researchers

Teaching Practitioners develop a stimulating approach to learning by supporting the children with an educational program that is challenging, insightful, consultative, giving them a head start as they prepare for school.



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Email manager@rivergums.busybees.edu.au
Address 2 Avoca Chase, Baldivis WA 6171

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