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When at our Services you’ll find education and care programs designed to meet the needs of individual children, with flexible and responsive routines and transitions. Your child’s naturally inquisitive mind will be inspired by meaningful, relevant programs led by passionate Teaching Practitioners and Educators. We set the foundation for lifelong learning by helping your child to develop dispositions such as Curiosity, Adaptation, Creativity, Mindfulness, Resilience, Connectedness and Secure Identity.

Our Commitment to Quality Early Learning

We follow the National Quality Framework and abide by National Law and Regulations. Our Services aim to meet and exceed the National Quality standards in all areas of Early Childhood education and Care. We have developed a unique learning curriculum that explicitly focuses on developing the well-being of each child. Informed by statutory frameworks and guided by our extensive knowledge of how children learn personal, social and development is at the core of our curriculum.

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There’s something special about a Busy Bees child…

Our children are intrepid explorers making new discoveries every day. With a play-based learning approach, we nuture their naturally adventurous spirit and inquisitive minds, encouraging collaboration and social development at every turn. It’s our mission to develop curious, confident and capable children with all the tools they need to take their next big steps in school and life. Whether your child is a Discoverer, Explorer, Adventurer, Investigator, Collaborator or Researcher, our Educators listen to their voices to deliver child-led learning experiences based on their interests.

Exclusively at Busy Bees

We believe in the amazing potential of every child, family and Educator who uses our Services. UP is bespoke and interactive; exclusive to Busy Bees Educators and families.

UP is an innovative, exciting, flexible early years learning program for children aged 0-5 years. It has been designed with the ambition to guide, encourage and direct each individual to develop a lifelong love of learning and develop skills and attributes to ensure the best start in life.

Ask your Service Manager for more details and keep an eye out for our weekly activities on Storypark!

Transition to School Program

We follow the philosophy that being set for school begins from day one, even for our nursery children. Our learning programs are designed to build resilience, vital social skills and independence, while preparing children with all the essentials they need to take their next big steps in school and life.

At Busy Bees, our tailored Transition to School program follows a Government-approved Kindergarten framework focused on exploration and discovery.

Working with you...

Our families and communities are the foundation for our work with children. We know that choosing care for your child is one of the most important things you will do and we want to support you to make the best choice for your family. Our Service Managers, Teaching Practitioners and Educators build positive relationships, getting to know you and your child to deliver tailored learning experiences based on their needs and interests. We understand how important it is that you are a part of your child’s learning journey. We use Storypark to record your child’s day and support their development to keep you fully up to date at every stage. Need to pick up a casual day of care? We also offer the Kindynow app, which allows families to easily pick up additional days, as well as notify your child’s absences, straight from your smartphone.

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