Safeguarding Our Children

Our commitment to safeguarding all children, not only those within our care, is at the heart of our approach to early years education and care. We feel it is of the utmost importance to provide support and guidance for our parents and families, as well as our employees, to help signpost you to the correct advice and pathways, should you have any concerns about any child’s welfare.

Reference Busy Bees Child Protection Parents Guide for information about types, indicators and effects of abuse, as well as holistic approaches for keeping your child safe and how to report any concerns you may have.

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in protecting children from harm and helping them navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Safeguarding resources can help parents and caregivers to understand potential risks and provide you with the tools and strategies you may need to keep your child(ren) safe. Being able access to these resources, we can assist in providing help confidence in parent and caregivers ability to protect children and promote healthy development.

Safeguarding resources can help parents and caregivers recognise warning signs of danger or potential harm and take appropriate action. These resources may also provide parents and caregivers with guidance on how to have important conversations with their children about safety.

Safeguarding resources are an important way to support families and help children thrive in a safe and healthy environment. By providing parents and caregivers with the resources they need, we can help them fulfill their role as primary caregivers and keep their children safe.

Our Busy Bees policies relating to safeguarding are important tools for ensuring that children and vulnerable adults are protected from harm. These policies outline procedures and guidelines for preventing and responding to incidents of abuse, neglect, and other forms of harm, as well as any policies directly relating to safeguarding.