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Our Bee Healthy Menu

Food designed for our little bees healthy minds, active bodies and love for food!

Our Bee Healthy menu has been developed in partnership with experienced paediatric dietitians at ChildD, Busy Bees chefs, and experienced and sector-trained Busy Bees employees. They are based on the Australian Dietary Requirements for children and ensure that each day a child is provided with all the foods and beverages they need to meet their nutritional needs.

Taste, Learn & Grow

Healthy Meals Your Child Will Love

Your child deserves the best! You can be assured that your child is receiving the recommended nutritional intake for the day through the variety of meals and snacks offered daily at our centres. Download sample menus.

Our Little Bee’s Favourites

Chicken and vegetable soup

Chicken & Vegetable Soup

Lentil Bolognese

Raspberry Bliss Balls

Our Little Bees' Favourite Recipes

Try these nutritious, cost effective and delicious recipe ideas that our children and families love.  

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