Modern Slavery Statement 2019/2020

Busy Bees Early Learning Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 168 187 979) (Busy Bees Australia) is committed to publish a Modern Slavery Statement setting out the steps the company has taken and is taking to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our business or supply chain.

About Busy Bees

As a leading childcare provider founded in 1983 in the United Kingdom, we insist on upholding the highest standards and ethics at every level of our business and in every country where we have business interests, irrespective of local practices. Busy Bees in Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Kingdom parent entity, Eagle Superco Limited and part of the global Busy Bees group.

In Australia, Busy Bees operates across Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. We have a range of suppliers who support our provision of early education and childcare through the provision of a range of products and services to our childcare services in areas such as food, nappies and cleaning supplies, cleaning and maintenance services, and uniforms, furniture and resources.

Our vision

To give every child the best start in life.

Our mission

Deliver high quality childcare and exciting opportunities for learning that give every child a head start as they prepare for school.

Our Core Values


We take care very seriously


We are an integral part of parents’ support network


We set and maintain the highest standards, it’s what children and parents deserve


We ensure that we provide outstanding value for money

Risks of modern slavery

Busy Bees Australia is part of global operations, and works closely with the Busy Bees group and head office, in the United Kingdom on modern slavery issues to comply with reporting obligations in all jurisdictions in which it operates. Due to the nature of our business and our approach to governance, we assess that there is a low risk of modern slavery where we have operational control. We have medium risk in our supply chains where we purchase goods from overseas and in any new overseas acquisitions.

We commit to periodically assess the effectiveness of Busy Bees policies and procedures, both locally and globally, that we have in place which address modern slavery risks and, to improve and develop our policies and procedures as necessary . The Busy Bees Group approach to risk assessment comprises of desk-based research, auditing and risk assessment training for employees, suppliers and contractors.

Modern slavery is against the law. The Busy Bees Group has a zero tolerance approach to any breach of company modern slavery policy, service level agreement or modern slavery conduct in connection with any contract with a supplier, contractor, agency or other third party. Where Busy Bees becomes aware of a potential breach or modern slavery risk, it will work with the party to ensure the breach is remedied.

Our actions to eliminate modern slavery

We are committed to acting with integrity, honesty, transparency and fairness at all times, to uphold our ethical standards and to protect our reputation. Our Modern Slavery Policy represents our intention to act with integrity and our commitment to do what is right.

This means that anyone working for or on behalf of Busy Bees or in partnership, providing services or resources, must abide by this policy. Busy Bees will only work with suppliers with the same ethical approach and standards we apply to our own organisation to ensure the same level of protection is afforded to employees of our contractors, suppliers and third-party partners.

We expect all contractors and those in our supply chains to conduct their operations in an ethical manner. We require all contractors and those in our supply chains to act in compliance with law. Busy Bees does not and will not knowingly work with those who use child labour, forced labour, discrimination or harassment and requires all suppliers to prohibit slave labour, child labour and to prevent practices that may contribute to human trafficking.

Our robust policies and procedures, values and behaviours contribute to eliminating any opportunity for modern slavery to arise in our direct business. We commit to uphold the highest of standards for our own employees and to carry out due diligence to ensure our suppliers, agencies and third-parties adhere to our ethics and values.

To take steps to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place in our supply chain we commit to:

  • Work with contractors and suppliers who commit to working in an ethical and lawful manner
  • Ensure that contracts and Service Level Agreement incorporate expectations regarding modern slavery
  • Use recognised accredited suppliers where possible
  • Audit suppliers and supply chains to ensure compliance with our operating guidelines and modern slavery policy
  • Provide training for employees, suppliers, contractors and supply chain on the prevention of modern slavery