Busy Bees at Everton Hills

Busy Bees at Everton Hills

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At Busy Bees at Everton you’ll be welcomed by an in-built aviary, beautifully designed open plan rooms and a spacious outdoor setting that includes a timber fort, water park and sandpit. With beautifully planted areas and natural landscapes, children are encouraged to ignite their curiosities and sense of discovery.

At Busy Bees at Everton your child will benefit from:

  • Early Learning for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years
  • High quality early learning facilities and exciting outdoor play spaces
  • Long standing team of highly qualified Educators
  • Beautiful outdoor play spaces with beautifully planted natural areas for children to explore
  • Water park with plenty of opportunities for water play. Our children love to splash and play in the water park to keep cool in summer!
  • Nutritionally balanced meals made by our qualified Chef
  • Close-knit Service community that feels like a home away from home

Jodie Millar is the appointed Service Manager and has been with Busy Bees at Everton for over eight years. Jodie is supported by a team of 17 Teaching Practitioners and Educators with the Service offering 64 spaces for children.

Conveniently located in Everton Hills, the Service is tucked away next door to Dipadees Swim School and just a hop skip and a jump away from the Everton Hills IGA on South Pine Road. Our Service was developed to ensure that children are being provided with exciting opportunities. Jam packed with challenges for them to play and grow in an innovative and stimulating environment, Busy Bees at Everton is a safe place where your child’s individuality can be nurtured by dedicated Teaching Practitioners and Educators.

We would love to have you join our Busy Bees family at Everton. Contact our team to book your tour today!

Jodie Millar

Service Manager

Hi, my name is Jodie and I am the Service Manager for Busy Bees at Everton. I have worked at our early learning centre in Everton for eight-and-a-half years and have loved my time working as an Educator, Lead Educator and Educational Leader over the years. I have a huge passion for education; both for young children and myself.

Hi, my name is Jodie and I am the Service Manager for Busy Bees at Everton. I have worked at Busy Bees at Everton for eight-and-a-half years and have loved my time working as an Educator, Lead Educator and Educational Leader over the years. I have a huge passion for education; both for young children and myself.

I love engaging in further study and other learning opportunities that help me to develop my knowledge and practices as an Early Childhood professional. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education: Early Years and Primary at Australian Catholic University. So, between full time work and Uni, I am kept very busy!

During my time as an Educational Leader, I have loved leading our team and helping them to grow their knowledge and confidence around embedding quality education and care, developing pedagogy, creating quality documentation and much more. My goal as Service Manager is to continue empowering and growing our team of capable and confident Educators and teachers, so we can continue to provide high quality education and care for children. I believe that by sustaining great relationships with families at our Everton preschool, we can achieve developmental outcomes for children as a team.

What's Included

Meals Provided



Kindergarten Approved



Qualified Educators




Vegetable and Herb Garden

Our Learning Spaces

Our Fees

0-1 Years
$128.50 per day
1-2 Years
$128.50 per day
2-3 Years
$125.50 per day
3-4 Years
$123.50 per day
4+ Years
$123.50 per day

Our Fees

  • The above Fees are based on the Centre’s average daily 10-hour session.
  • Please note that different combinations of days or sessions may result in an increase or decrease to the daily rate.
  • Please contact our Family Support Team on 1300 851 331 for personalised fee information for your child.
  • We can also help you calculate your Childcare Subsidy using our super friendly Childcare Subsidy Calculator.

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Busy Bees at Everton Hills

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Our Philosophy

At Busy Bees at Everton, we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in which we gather each day. We would like to thank the Turrbal people for letting us play and learn on their land; may we walk gently on it.

Children: We believe in providing all children with the highest quality education and care that meets their needs, developmental milestones, and challenges them to grow and learn in a safe and loving environment. We acknowledge and respect that each child is an individual with their own needs, interests, cultural backgrounds and unique personalities, and this is why strong and trusting relationships with children and families is at the forefront of our interactions, conversations and planning within our setting. Our classrooms and learning environments are designed in a way that authentically represents children, their interests, cultures and their families; it is important to us that our children and families feel a sense of belonging, and are aware that these environments are a safe and loving space in which they can express themselves freely.

Families: We respect and acknowledge that parents are a child’s ‘first teacher’ and for this reason it is so important to us that parents and families feel respected, valued and at ease when placing their children in our care. We truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and this is the reason why we encourage a collaborative approach to developing learning goals, routines and the like, in collaboration with families with the common goal of wanting our children to flourish and thrive in their learning. We pride ourselves on having an ‘open door’ policy that allows and encourages current and prospective families to come into the classrooms at any time throughout the day to experience the authenticity of the service and interactions between educators and children. We believe that the transition between home and service is not only for the children, but for the family as a whole.

Educational Theory: There are many theories that inspire and drive our philosophy as early childhood educators and teachers, particularly that of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Piaget believed that children accumulate knowledge by exploring and interacting with their world, and they then develop accordingly. For this reason, things such as hands-on learning, independent problem solving, self-regulation, building independence and social collaboration are role modelled and encouraged throughout all of our classrooms at Busy Bees at Everton. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development acknowledges the space between what a learner can do independently and without assistance compared to what a learner can do with the guidance of an adult or in collaboration with more capable peers. What this means for us and our practice is that we understand the importance of encouraging children to engage in collaborative partnerships and social relationships that provide them with opportunities to learn skills from one another.

Teaching team: Our team of qualified, capable and passionate educators and teachers are committed to ongoing learning through study, research and professional development opportunities. We endeavour to create an atmosphere that is nurturing, supportive, collaborative, respectful and that empowers those around us to grow and thrive in education and care. It is important to us as a teaching team that we provide continuity and consistency for children, families and one another to ensure we are supporting the development of strong bonds and connections that are imperative to allowing children to feel safe, happy, nurtured and loved.

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