Busy Bees at Mitchelton Opens Its Doors with a Buzz of Excitement and Activity

Busy Bees at Mitchelton Opens Its Doors with a Buzz of Excitement and Activity

The new Service provided a hive of activity for the children already enrolled who have spent the last two weeks making new friends and creating bonds with their new teachers and beginning their journey as part of the Busy Bees family.

Trish Crofts has been appointed as Service Manager and brings with her over 15 years’ of experience in early learning. Trish strongly believes that the early years are where the foundation is laid to give the best possible start for all children and that a Service which is focused on community spirit is a place where children thrive and be who they want to be. Trish is supported by a team of dedicated Teaching Practitioners and Educators with the Service offering 94 spaces for children.


Tara Maynard, Head of Centre Operations said that a key feature of Busy Bees Mitchelton is the beautifully designed natural play spaces that flow throughout the newly built two-story Service. “We wanted to create an innovative and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to ignite their curiosities and sense of discovery. At Busy Bees, we want to continue providing children with exciting opportunities and challenges for them to play, learn and grow”.


Busy Bees at Mitchelton will be opening their doors to the local community to showcase it’s unique space and offerings with an official Open Day, being held on Saturday 9 February 2019. It will be a great opportunity for families, local residents and members of the community to explore the brilliant facilities, meet the amazing team of Educators and for children to enjoy some fun and exciting activities.


Busy Bees was founded in the United Kingdom and has 35 years of experience in nurturing the development of children, simply because we want to give them the best possible start in life. Busy Bees at Mitchelton is the second of many Busy Bees Services that will be launching in Queensland, with a number more to continuing to open over the next 6 months and beyond, both across the State and Nationally.


We look forward to sharing our next locations with you soon, but in the meantime we are enjoying every moment here at Mitchelton.


Busy Bees at Mitchelton

Busy Bees at Mitchelton


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