The Highs and Lows of Parenting a Toddler

The Highs and Lows of Parenting a Toddler

Toddlers are amazing little humans full of excitement, life and love, and they’re capable of the most catastrophic meltdowns. Hitting, screaming, foot stomping, tears and tantrums, there are times when it all feels like too much to handle. You feel tired, frustrated and pushed beyond your limits, your usual tactics aren’t working and you’re not sure when the episode will end.

Later, sometime in the distant future, you’ll laugh about this. Parents love to tell their children about the time they threw a tantrum in Woolworths as a crowd of bemused strangers watched them frantically trying to calm us. Or the time they smacked their sibling because they wouldn’t share their toys and the chaos that ensued. These are the stories that get told over and over again at family dinners. What we don’t hear so many of are the good stories.

For every story of tears, tantrums and disobedience, there are just as many tales full of joy and happy memories. Because as much as toddlers can be a lot to handle, they can also be an absolute pleasure. There are the moments where they hug you tight and say “I love you Mummy” or “I love you Daddy” that you tuck away in your memory forever. Or, the drawings they bring home from kindy to stick on the fridge. The times they look at you with absolute sincerity and ask you if the moon is really made of cheese.

Toddlers are fun. They are fearless explorers of the world, turning over every rock just to see what’s under it, or jumping into every puddle to make the biggest splash. A walk to the shops can become a treasure hunt, and chore time is when they get to be your little helpers, rushing around the house to put things in their rightful place.

Every day with a toddler is a new adventure and they trust you unconditionally to be their tour guide. Tell a toddler that you love them, and they’ll know it to be true. When you say something in front of them, they will trust that it’s worth repeating. They feel everything in extremes, to the very bottom of their souls. From the squeal-worthy good times to crashing lows, toddlers experience life with everything they have.

And in those crushing lows, through the screaming and the crying and the tantrums, those good moments are the ones that we hold onto, because they make it all worth it in the end. After all, don’t we all feel like stamping our feet sometimes?

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