Service Spotlight: Jenny Wren Learn How to Brush Their Teeth

Service Spotlight: Jenny Wren Learn How to Brush Their Teeth

This article was written by Rebecca Greig at Jenny Wren by Busy Bees

They reached out to a local group who provide age appropriate presentations for young children on the different aspects of dental health and invited them to speak to the children about keeping their teeth strong and healthy.

Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy was tied up for the day, but she was able to send her magical fairy powers to her assistant fairy helper; our very own Educator, Brittany.

Fairy Brittany worked alongside Dentist Valeska to create magical representations of healthy dental processes in a way that engaged and inspired the children. The children were educated on different aspects of dental health and how we determine the healthiness of our teeth.

This was first conducted through role playing, where the children were shown the proper way to effectively brush their teeth. Moving beyond that, a focus was placed on healthy eating. Using a sorting game, a link was created between the foods that the children eat and how this can determine whether we have “happy teeth” or “sad teeth”. The children demonstrated a very impressive understanding of healthy foods and sometimes foods, sorting these effectively.

The children were then walked through the special clothes that dentists wear, with fairy Brittany helping Dentist Valeska get dressed in her uniform. This was Dentist Valeska’s way of making the children more comfortable with the concept of visiting a dentist.

The children concluded their session by being gifted their very own toothbrush to take home. The Educators were given some amazing feedback about how excited the children were to brush their teeth at home following the visit.

Thank you, Fairy Brittany and Dentist Valeska!


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