Bravehearts White Balloon Day 2019

Bravehearts White Balloon Day 2019

National Child Protection Week is here and it is just days until Bravehearts 23rd Annual White Balloon Day held this Friday 6 September. White Balloon Day is Australia’s largest and longest running awareness and fundraising campaign dedicated to preventing child sexual assault and exploitation.

This year, Bravehearts is asking all Australians to make the Pledge to protect children for White Balloon Day, a gesture that costs nothing, takes less than 30 seconds, and can be done online at Those who make the Pledge can receive a free support pack if they choose to provide their postal address as part of the Pledge. 

Hetty Johnston AM, Founder of Bravehearts says, “Protecting kids is everyone’s job, no matter what line of work you’re in. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach – even if you don’t work with children, everybody has a role to play in looking out for Australian children and protecting them from harm.” 

We hope you’ll join with us to make the Pledge and acknowledge this special day. We invite you to commemorate While Balloon Day at your Service, so that together we can prevent child sexual assault in our society, and make Australia the safest place to raise a child.

Simple things you can do to make an impact:


Those needing support or advice can contact Bravehearts’ freecall Support Line on 1800 272 831, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (AEST) or visit the Bravehearts website at




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