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Corporate photo

Corporate photos are being taken on-site Thursday and Friday in the conference room during any break. Please ensure you get a photo taken.


Employees who choose to smoke are expected to adhere to the rules applied by local councils at all venues. Certain locations may not permit smoking or have designated smoke areas and employees are expected to abide by these rules.

Drugs and alcohol

  • We remind you that the use of illegal drugs, including cannabis, and/or excessive consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden at all times during any work-related social event, whether on Company premises or not.
  • Employees should consume alcohol only in moderation at work-related social events, irrespective of whether the organisation provides or pays for the drinks. If you choose to drink alcohol, please ensure that you drink responsibly and be respectful. Busy Bees reserves the right to require pre-booked venues to refuse service of alcohol to any employee who is, in the Company’s or venue’s view, behaving inappropriately.

Dietary Requirements

All dietary requirements were collected during conference registration. If you have any special dietary requirements in relation to food or drink and you haven’t notified us during registration, please email [email protected] by Friday 17 February 2023.

After-parties or post-work functions

Any after-parties or post-work functions are not the responsibility of Busy Bees Australia. Company credit cards are not permitted to be used as a bar tab or to cover any expenses related to any post function event.


If you are drinking alcohol at the Awards night, we recommend that you do not drive. Public transport and or taxi’s should be utilised where possible. Any attendees who choose to catch a Taxi or Uber home from the Awards night will be compensated within reason, we ask that you discuss the process for this with your manager.

Plan your trip home

Naturally, we want everyone to enjoy themselves; we also want everyone to arrive home safely. If you are thinking about having a drink or two, we ask that you plan your transport home, in advance if you are travelling home on the Friday evening.

Behaviour at the party

The Busy Bees Code of Conduct Policy and Workplace Health and Safety Policy will apply at work-related social events. Copies of these policies can be found on Promapp.

  • Employees must be mindful not say or do anything at a work-related social event that may offend, intimidate, embarrass or upset any other person.
  • Swearing and offensive language are unacceptable at work-related social events.
  • Please be mindful of your standard of dress at events. Whilst cocktail attire is considered acceptable in this instance, we ask you to take a considered approach when dressing for your event or function.
  • Employees must not behave in any way that could disrespect or bring the Company’s name into disrepute.
  • Please familiarise yourself with these Policies and be aware of your obligations with regard to each of them. Note that alcohol consumption is not an excuse for behaviour that results in harassment, bullying or misconduct and is not an acceptable defence.


The conference and all conference associated events are essentially a “workplace” and it is expected that all employees behave as such and in accordance with all workplace policies and procedures. To ensure the conference is a positive experience for everyone, we remind everyone to think about the importance of Safety, Health and Respect. We have shared the Busy Bees Code of Conduct, along with key Global and Local policies help all of us play our role in creating a space to learn, connect and celebrate in a safe, healthy and respectful way!

Please note that any breach of instructions outlined in this correspondence or policies, procedures and the Code of Conduct (both Global and Local) may subject the employee and those involved, to a disciplinary investigation Please don’t let this be you.

We encourage all of you to laugh, have fun and make the most of this wonderful event and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

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