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Busy Bees at Mitchelton kindergarten features beautifully designed open plan rooms and spacious outdoor settings tailored for each age group. You will find timber forts, tipis, sandpits and beautifully planted areas where children are encouraged to ignite their curiosities and sense of discovery.

Sharon Brooks has been appointed as Service Manager and brings with her over 14 years of commitment and experience in early learning. Sharon is supported by a team of ten teaching practitioners with the Service offering 94 spaces for children. Conveniently located in the heart of Mitchelton on Sussex Street just a hop, skip and a jump away from Brookside Shopping Centre, the Service was developed to ensure that children are being provided with exciting opportunities. Jam packed with challenges for them to play and grow in an innovative and stimulating environment, Busy Bees at Mitchelton is a safe place where your child’s individuality can be nurtured by dedicated Teaching Practitioners and Educators.

Busy Bees preschool in Mitchelton encompasses an innovative approach that is based on the discovery and exploration of respectful relationships with children. We follow this philosophy and offer children uninterrupted time for play, plenty of freedom, a calm and relaxed environment, cooperative relationships, and our full attention.

Our funded Kindergarten program is led by a Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teacher who is committed to getting your child ready for their next big steps in school. We work in partnership with you to make their transition to school successful. Our child-led curriculum is designed to build confident and active learners, using a holistic approach to education that combines school readiness with learning experiences that foster your child’s social and emotional development.

We’ve developed the Busy Bees learning program with the help of childcare specialists, curriculum experts and Early Years Advisors at our Centre Support Office. It’s filled with unique and stimulating activities you won’t find anywhere else!

Quality early learning does more than just prepare children to become eager school students — it builds resilience, vital social skills and independence.

At Busy Bees at Mitchelton preschool, your child will benefit from:

  • Early Learning for ages Birth to Preschool Age
  • Brand new, high-quality early learning facilities
  • Nutritionally balanced meals made in our on-site kitchen by our Qualified Chef
  • Experienced and trained educators
  • High quality education and care
  • Interesting play and learning spaces that stimulate children’s senses
  • Weekly Happy Feet Fitness program on Fridays that combines dance, music and the joy of active play
  • Government Approved Kindergarten program, led by a Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teacher

We would love to have you join our Busy Bees family at Mitchelton. Contact our team to Book Your Tour today.

Sharon Brooks

Service Manager

Sharon Brooks

Service Manager

Hello, my name is Sharon Brooks and I am the Service Manager for Busy Bees at Mitchelton. I have been very fortunate to work in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector now for 14 years.

I started my working career in an office environment and worked in finance for 20 years. I recognised that I had a desire to work with children and when I had my own child, this highlighted it further. This developed into a successful family day care business that I owned in England for ten years, until I left for Australia. I was very proud when I was rated ‘Outstanding’ by the UK licencing body, OFSTED.

My mission as a Service Manager is to support and provide the best early learning environment where all children can thrive, and to forge warm and nurturing relationships with children and their families. I also believe that professional development supports continuous improvement for Educators, children and families alike.

I advocate for children to learn through play, in an environment which they can feel safe and secure. We’re all far more interested in things if we’re having fun, after all! I love helping children to investigate their environment and explore their boundaries. Under my care, I believe children are encouraged to believe that “they can.”

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

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Our Fees

0-1 Years
$132.5 per day
1-2 Years
$132.5 per day
2-3 Years
$129.5 per day
3-4 Years
$124.5 per day
4+ Years
$124.5 per day
  • The above Fees are based on the Centre’s average daily 10-hour session.
  • Please note that different combinations of days or sessions may result in an increase or decrease to the daily rate.
  • Please contact our Family Support Team on 1300 851 331 for personalised fee information for your child.
  • We can also help you calculate your Childcare Subsidy using our super friendly Childcare Subsidy Calculator.

We’d love for you to join our family at

Busy Bees at Mitchelton

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