Physical Well-being in Early Childhood

Physical Well-being in Early Childhood

The first five years of a child’s life are full of so much potential. Where children are curious and excited about the world around them, and every new experience is an opportunity to learn and to grow. The early years are the perfect time to promote good habits to form a healthy foundation for later years 🐝

Our dedicated educators support the children learning journey by designing experiences that allow children to be physically active whilst having a lot of fun! We love seeing our children grow into very active little bees who run, jump, climb and ride around with their friends.

What is Active Play?

Active play is the best form of physical activity for children under five years of age! It consists of activities that encourage children to move and have fun, such as kicking and throwing using a softball, blowing bubbles and trying to catch them, running and jumping.

Active play helps children with coordination, balance, motor skills, and spending their natural energy. Studies of children under five years have also shown that active play helps them learn how to interact, share, take turns and care about others.

At Busy Bees Australia, we always look for activities that engage and stimulate our children. The most important thing is to find something that the children will enjoy. Our Services at Moreton Bay and Sandringham have shared their children’s favourite physical activities at the Service.

Busy Bees at Moreton Bay Watermelon Discs

Children playing on watermelon discs

Since being placed in the Researchers’ room at Busy Bees at Moreton Bay, the watermelon discs have quickly become very popular amongst the children. The Researchers love spinning around in them for an exciting ride! They explore movement and spatial awareness by sitting inside the disc and rocking from side to side. The educators have seen the children laughing and helping each other as they try to find their balance.

What’s more, the bright design of the watermelon discs has inspired multiple stories. It’s a terrific hands-on resource for imagination and cooperative play. Who’s ever dreamt of spinning around in a watermelon? Whilst having fun, the children also develop spatial awareness, cooperation skills (sharing and taking turns), flexibility, core strength, muscle strength and balance!

Busy Bees at Sandringham – Story Time Yoga

Children are fast and full of energy, their imagination is wild, and they love playing and moving, making them the perfect audience for yoga!

The educators at Busy Bees at Sandringham transformed their yoga sessions into an immersive experience by incorporating storybooks. The children are prompted to mirror and copy poses as they imagine mountains, trees and animals. They are very proud to add their own poses to the story ­— in yoga, we say that there are 840 million yoga poses, so every movement, eventually, can be yoga!

Yoga is an excellent physical program that provides the children with a range of benefits such as self-regulating their emotions and awareness on how to look after their bodies.

At Busy Bees Australia, we believe that healthy active living should begin very early in life, and we’re here to support children and families to give your children the best start in life and set them up with good habits to prepare them for school.

Need ideas for supporting your child’s learning at home?

Ask your child’s educator about UP at Home. Our home learning program has so many fun and educational activities that are easy to do with your child at home.


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