Using Routines to Support Family Wellbeing During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Using Routines to Support Family Wellbeing During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As we’ve all been navigating our way through the uncertainties of Covid-19 for the past two years, we know that many parents and carers have been conscious of the impact of the pandemic on their family’s wellbeing.

With many families working from home, and children not attending care, the daily rhythm and routine of life have been irrevocably altered. It’s important we don’t overlook the impact the pandemic has had on the youngest members of our society.

How Routines Can Help Children

While change is a learning opportunity, it can also be stressful for children. A normal routine brings comfort and consistency to a child’s life, and is a way to support your child during these challenging times. The most important aspect is creating a routine that works for you and your family. Try to maintain your usual daily routines as much as possible and set clear boundaries for your child and family. If usual daily life is not possible, try to create new routines so there is some structure, predictability and certainty. When routines are implemented consistently, both you and your child will feel a stronger sense of security.

Creating Effective Routines

Routines should not be viewed as tasks to be completed, but rather as chances to interact with your child in a meaningful way. You can use everyday routines to assist, create and strengthen your bond with your child, as well as provide opportunities to learn a variety of skills by talking, bonding, and interacting with them in other ways.

To make routines a useful learning tool, make sure you have enough time to take each activity in the routine methodically and that you discuss each particular task with your child. To help reinforce language learning, you should aim to perform the same thing in the same way each time you complete a routine, and you should also try to use the same language. Take some time to write out your routines and talk about them with your children, friends and Busy Bees community.

A child and Busy Bees Educator looking studying different shapes

Busy Bees 5 Tops Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Routine at Home

  1. Involve your child in daily activities such as getting ready in the morning, eating meals at regular times, spending time playing and talking together, reading books or telling stories, having quiet time and going to bed at night.
  2. Use our Unleashing Potential at Home program ‘UPatHome’ to support you with intentional teaching activities. Busy Bees Educators have created a stimulating and educational learning program for your child, talk to your Service Manager to find out more.
  3. Be flexible, and be kind to yourself if things don’t always go as planned.
  4. Let your child lead the way – plan activities around their interests and follow their lead.
  5. Visually display your child’s routine, so they can see what’s coming next!

With the world around them reacting to the current news, it remains our mission to provide children with comfort and a routine that they can call upon each day to give them the best start in life, in the only childhood they have.

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