Busy Bees Talent Exchange Program in Canada

Busy Bees Talent Exchange Program in Canada
Talent Exchange Program recipients

Sharing our knowledge and best practice among our global community ensures that every Busy Bees child around the world receives the very best start in life”, Fiona Alston, Chief Pedagogy & Safeguarding Officer.

Congratulations to our dedicated Educators who will be taking part in the Busy Bees Global Talent Exchange Program in Canada this Spring 2023!

Busy Bees are proud to be the only early learning provider to offer this life changing opportunity to its employees, which is made possible thanks to the global reach of the Busy Bees Group. This year marks the fifth edition of the Busy Bees Talent Exchange Program.

We are delighted that 2023 presents the unique opportunity for a group of inspirational Busy Bees staff to travel to Calgary, Canada to experience and share practice within the Busy Bees global network”, shares Fiona Alston.

A total of 30 Busy Bees staff from Busy Bees Services across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and North America will be spending three weeks working alongside their colleagues in host Centres/Schools located across Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

The five participants from Busy Bees Early Learning Australia are:

Alex Nolan, Service Manager of Busy Bees at Cameron Park (New South Wales)

Brianna Redding, Lead Educator of Busy Bees at Heritage Parc (NSW)

Christie Gardiner, Lead Educator of Busy Bees at Cameron Park Preston (NSW)

Momo Mendoza Monsalve, Early Childhood Teacher of Busy Bees at Lane Cove (NSW)

Rebbecca Buttriss, Area Manager (Vic)

All participants are required to complete a focus project while abroad to support sharing practice and experiences upon their return from Canada. The project briefs for this year’s program are:

  • Creating Holistic Learning Environments – This project involves designing and implementing educational settings that address the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of learners.
  • Managing Challenging Behaviours – This project focuses on strategies that help prevent challenging behaviours in early years including positive reinforcement, clear and consistent expectations, role modelling, meaningful and balanced routines, planned transitions, and personalised connections with children on a daily basis.
  • The Value of Individualised & Inquiry Based Learning – This project recognises that children have different learning styles and paces, and therefore require different levels of support and instruction to reach their full potential.
  • Creating the Connection Between Indoor & Outdoor Learning – This project explores the multiple benefits of an inspiring outdoor learning environment that intentionally integrates activities designed to support and enhance quality learning across different learning areas in additional to active play.
  • Optimising & Maintaining Relationships with Families & Staff – This is critical for ensuring the success of the centre and the wellbeing of the children in its care. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment can help build positive relationships with families and staff.
  • Staff Onboarding, Retention & Induction – Staff onboarding and induction are critical processes for any organisation to ensure the successful integration and retention of new employees.

At the end of the three-week placements, the participants will share their project work findings to the Busy Bees management team in a presentation that will then be shared globally across the Busy Bees network for other teams to view the outcomes and learn from their peers.

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